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Mask Gel Straps
CPAPSeal Gel Straps have 2 Gel Pads glued to the Straps - Fit all CPAP masks

Mask Gel Straps

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  1. Version 3 - August 2014 : Gel Pads are glued to the Straps
  2. Consists of Light Straps + 2 Gel Padding for back of the head.
  3. Fits any mask as these straps use the same attachment method of any mask with its own straps.  You just remove the original straps and slide the CPAPSeal Light straps instead, using the mask's own attachment method (hook, clip..etc)
  4. Gel Pads cushion the pressure on the back of the head which maximize the comfort level and enhance tolerance which increase the chance in achieving the ultimate seal.
  5. Better sealing dynamics as straps exert direct pressure on the mask allowing it to sink inside the gel liner.   (See explanation under "How it works")
  6. Effectively lessen the pressure on back of the head. (See explanation under "How it works").
  7. An optional Velcro extension connecting upper and lower straps from the back at a variable distance allowing to control the strap's angle on the mask for an ultimate control on leaking points.
  8. Less skin contact means less heat and more comfort. These straps replace the original mask straps and NOT to be added on.
  9. Specially designed Soft Velcro so it doesn't feel hard or bulky during sleep. 
  10. Made of a soft perforated material to decrease sense of heat.
  11. Doesn't affect mask stability at all.
  12. Doesn't affect back sleeping as the gel liner is soft and pliable so it sinks inside your pillow.