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Gel Gluable Breathable Neoprene sheet UBL/Nylon

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Glue any Fabric Lined Gel to this Neoprene Sheet to create your own custom products..

1- Breathable Neoprene Sheet 3 mm thick.
2- Sheet is 4 ways stretch and recover.
3- Sheet is lined with Nylon on one side and UBL (Unbreakable Velcro loop) on the other side which is compatible with Velcro Hook.
4- You can glue the fabric lined gel, to the Nylon facing using "Beacon Fabri-Tac adhesive" to create any custom design gel padded product.
5- Sheet is 58" wide with a length of your choice.
6- Make your own custom designed knee pads, ankle support, floor mat, mask straps, laptop carry bag..etc