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Gel Padded Diabetic Socks - Gel Padded Walker
Polymer Gel Padded Diabetic Socks - From inside

Gel Padded Diabetic Socks - Gel Padded Walker

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1- The Gel Padded Diabetic Socks - Gel Padded Walker - has Gel Pads glued on the inside of the socks,  providing the ultimate comfort to the foot as the gel absorbs pressure and cushion the foot against walking or standing trauma.

2- Promote blood circulation in the foot by cushioning the pressure points relieving its blood flow. Pressure points on the foot might otherwise cause limited or restricted blood flow that usually leads to skin ulcer or bruises.

3- Gel distributes body weight evenly on the sole of the foot.

4- Gel Never dries or loses its soft touch.

5- Socks are made of 100% Cotton. Polymer Gel is made of mineral oils and it is silicon free and latex free.

6- Washable.


Gel United Shoe Insoles / Foot Insoles come in 5 different sizes:

Small size:         M 6.5 W 7.5            -   Length in inches 9 3/8"

Medium size:     M 7-10 W 8-11.5     -   Length in inches 10 5/8"

Large size:         M 10.5-11.5 W 12   -   Length in inches 11"

X Large size:     M 12-14 W 13-15    -   Length in inches 11 3/4"

XX Large size:  M 14-16                   -   Length in inches 12 1/2"