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Polymer Gel Sheet
Polymer Gel Sheet

Gel Sheets 24" X 36" - Thickness: 1/8" to 1/2"

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Part Number:GSH-2436

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These Semi Liquid Polymer Gel sheets are for all purposes of self designed cushioning: Arm Rest, Motorcycle Seat Pad, self designed Seat Cushion, Manufacturing padding, Sport Cushioning Pads..etc

These Gel Sheets are 24" X 36".

Thickness variation:  1/8" ,  1/4" ,  3/8" ,  1/2"

Lining options: Gel Sheets are either fabric lined or without fabric base:

1- Fabric based Gel: where gel is glued onto a fabric. This is used when you need to glue the Gel onto any other surface. As Gel by itself can not be glued to any other surface, so it is manufactured on top of a fabric base, this way you can glue the fabric base to the other surface that you need.

2- Free Gel: only Gel, not attached to any fabric.