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Polymer Gel Insoles
Polymer Gel Insoles

Buy the Best Gel Shoe Insoles from Gel United

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1- The Shoe Insoles provide the ultimate comfort to the foot as the gel absorbs and distributes body weight evenly on the sole of the foot.

2- (4) directional cushioning effect for ultimate comfort during walking.

3- Protects against any pressure points that lead to foot pain.

4- Never deform even after prolonged usage (regain its shape and size).

5- Never dry or loses its soft touch. 6- Washable.

7- These Shoe insoles are Hypoallergenic, Latex free and Silicone free.


Gel United Shoe Insoles / Foot Insoles come in 5 different sizes:

Small size:         M 6.5 W 7.5            -   Length in inches 9 3/8"

Medium size:     M 7-10 W 8-11.5     -   Length in inches 10 5/8"

Large size:         M 10.5-11.5 W 12   -   Length in inches 11"

X Large size:     M 12-14 W 13-15    -   Length in inches 11 3/4"

XX Large size:  M 14-16                   -   Length in inches 12 1/2"