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Not all Gels are created equal !

Many so called gel products are actually rubber, foam, or Silicone gel.

Our Gel is a Polymer gel that is made from a unique formula, which is defined as a semi-liquid material that is, the gel is in a solid form but with full liquid  characteristics.

It is the softest, most pliable gel that you can ever touch. Our revolutionary formula  has an unparalleled molding and shock absorbing features.

Although the gel is semi-liquid in its characteristics yet, it is NOT a liquid encased in some kind of outer coverage so our gel will never flow or leak when punctured.

Gel is made of mineral oils. When the gel comes in direct contact with the skin it diffuses the mineral oils which conditions and nourishes the skin.

Our Polymer Gel is a medical grade. It is hypoallergenic , latex free and silicon free.

Our gel is unique so our gel products stand out.

Gel is our specialty !