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Wheelchair Gel Cushion with 4 ways Stretch Lycra Cover
Wheelchair Gel Cushion with 4 ways Stretch Lycra Cover

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Better blood circulation:

The space in between the gel balls ensures better blood circulation, as well as allowing the gel to mold freely, providing unparalleled molding and the best cushioning ever.

The high molding features of the liquid like gel allow maximum weight distribution yet with minimal tissue deformation, which ensures optimal blood flow to the skin eliminating any numbness or sore points.

Gel Balls allow 4 directional cushioning for ultimate relief of back pain.


1- Made from the most molding and shock absorbing gel.

2- Provide the ULTIMATE relief for back pain and discomfort from long sitting.

3- Never deform even after prolonged usage. Always regains its shape and size.

4-  72 Gel Balls on top of a Foam base.

5- Gel Balls are 1" thick. Foam base is 1"

6- Covered with a soft Lycra. Cover is removable and washable.


Dimensions are 18" X 16" X 2"

Thickness is 2""


Extra Cushion Cover